I would like to know more about the prices and whether I could buy the devices for use at home.

We recommend you directly discuss the treatments and their prices with your physician. Our machines and instruments are sold to doctors’ clinics only because they must be used under their supervision and cannot be used at home. You could locate your nearest doctor/clinic by visiting our ‘find-a-doctor’ section on the concerned product’s page.


How can I book an appointment? Where are your clinics located?

Go to the ‘Find-a-Doctor’ section of your desired device, look up the clinic that best suits your location, and directly contact them to start your treatment right away.


I suffer from abdominal bulges and bumps although I do have a skinny body...Will these devices help me get rid of them? Which device/technology is most suitable for me?

We suggest having a broad idea of which device would be most suitable for your case, by going through them on our website, then deciding on the doctor from the “find-a-doctor” list (that is specifically located on each device’s page), consult them and they’ll advise you of  the best solutions for your specific case.

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